sometimes a happy moment occurs while on AOL instant messenger


i will create an AIMbot
that can generate conversation similar to tao lin

i will call it
‘tao lin’

and i will send instant messages to ‘tao lin’
and i will invite ‘tao lin’ over to my house to show him

and he will say ‘haha’ and never show up
and i will look at my face in the mirror
and i will have an honest question
later i will tell him he isn’t polite
because he never came over
and he will say ‘i enjoyed this’

and after a while i will get off instant messenger
and you won’t call
and i won’t either
and after a while i won’t like you anymore
and after a while we’ll forget each other
and after a while we will both be inside of coffins you will be discolored
and remembered and alone inside of your coffin
and i’ll be beautiful and full of maggots and alone inside of my coffin