i am about to destroy tao lin


if tao lin doesn’t reply to my comment in the next ten minutes saying
how people are binary star systems i think i might do something

whatever i do won’t be against the law
but tao lin will wish i was handcuffed so i couldn’t type anymore
if i were a cat i would jump up and touch the screen where the mouse is moving
so tao lin couldn’t see the screen
i am a fur coat and i fling myself off the coat rack onto the desk
right into tao lin’s pasta
then tao lin starts to feel afraid
i am an egg timer shaped like a bell pepper
and i am watching tao lin trying to disappear
and that’s perfect because i can destroy anyone i want
i give tao lin the magic to disappear
the entire tao lin disappears along with all his belongings
because life is suffering and suffering is not evil it is boring
and if you want to have meaning then meaning is pretty much
all you get but if you want to disappear i can help
i am the universe in the future
i am you hundreds of years ago