i am tao lin and i decided to talk to you when i saw you on the street


i leaned in

i said something

you leaned in some more

it rained

it did something else

it almost did all the rest of it

there are lots of people and it wanted to happen

‘cut a promo,’ it said

‘tao,’ you said

i leaned in to you

we leaned against each other standing there


i don’t know

this is what we were doing

we were standing next to a bus stop

next to a tree on a sidewalk of the city

every reason was good

‘i am thinking’ i said

we sat down

it was raining

every five minutes i made a mistake and disappeared

but you are the beach ball flying through the darkness

and i bump into you there and we ricochet a little but we stay close

after a while we found the light switch

but it didn’t do anything

i knew i was in a bright room

everyone was there

tom cruise is jumping from an exploding ship and landing and a woman’s feet to propose

someone on a swing blows bubbles that float above the swing set
and pop against the house

there is cake in the darkness

a human that looked trustworthy is looking for you here

you give me a hand

i cried

something good happened

i cried and crying made my laugh