i appreciate you for everything good you have done in the past


when you die the world becomes off limits
like a fun house in a closed carnival

the fun house is far away it collapses at the speed of light
tao lin made that up a while ago
he lives in a high-density urban area

i am hard working,
people-dependent, i can hear a room full of conversations at one time
i am honest sometimes i am mean and ironic
i enjoy screaming and getting screamed

i think you are the nobel prize

‘i am going to play videogames all day,’ i think that’s funny

i feel happy
and i don’t i am bored
it makes sense that there are negative numbers in the field of positive numbers
sometimes a negative number and a positive number equal the same thing
when they are real numbers
so negative-one apple looks like positive one apple

the world isn’t so stupid tao lin

it is just boring into submission

i can prove it

anytime in broad day light anytime