i walk on the earth and i am not immature


i have never read fight club
is it a book? i listen to disturbed in public
i’m fourteen years old
who is satan?
you are god
i keep the meaning of things to myself so it might as well not exist
i am a periphery character in a james patterson novel
and i am going to die
and so is mom and dad
your brain fits in your skull
and someone works on a time machine their whole life then dies
and if you gave me three reasonable wishes
i would never cash them in
because i would feel like i was asking too much
and everytime i got close to wishing something
something else would happen and i would forget
then you would punch me in the face
and i would wish your hand had gone through my face
and you would laugh at me and later on
I’d make eye contact with you in a park
and you would walk over and slam my teeth against the bench
and i’d try to look at your face and pass out